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VII - The Newsletter is Back!

. 2 min read

As I write this now, it is the middle of February and 2021 is really starting to fly by. Looking back, it has been several months since I last wrote a newsletter. Apologies for that!

I have been in the process of migrating both my website and newsletter to Ghost, and the newsletter took a little bit longer than anticipated. I tried several different providers (MailChimp/Convertkit etc..) because Substack unfortunately does not really integrate with Ghost, but I couldn't find any I liked particularly and the cost of sending out to an audience of 1000+ was a bit more than I was prepared to spend.

In the end I managed to customise a build in Ghost that I am happy with. The most important thing to me is that I now have one platform, that handles all of my writing. In fact, I have hooked iA Writer up to Ghost, so that I can submit my articles and newsletter without ever needing to leave my text editor. What a dream!

During this time, I have been thinking about how I wanted this newsletter to go and what I wanted it to focus on. Feedback from readers has been super positive about 'The Retrospective', however I felt there was a bit of an overlap with the value I was trying to provide there, alongside the articles on my blog. Also, I didn't have a space where I could speak openly about what I am working on or struggling with or just generally the thoughts that weren't complete enough to make an article. So, this newsletter is going to be repurposed, taking the good parts from the old format (sharing links to cool shit online), and provoking thought and adding in some more of my own personal reflections.

Things are going to be much more frequent from now on. Promise!

What am I Working On?

Bits I am plugging away at outside of the 9-5.

  • I shared my thoughts/experiences on moving from a developer to a manager for Dev to Manager.
  • I wrote an article about the connection between Tony Hawk and software engineering. The idea of effective learning is something I think about quite a bit, so this article was a joy to write!

Worthwhile Corner

Cool things I found on the internet that are worth your time!

  • Staff Engineer by Will Larson - I picked up this new release from Will Larson, which talks in detail about the progression paths of senior engineers that don't want to become managers, a topic that is not written about commonly. I immediately recommended it to engineers at work, and feedback from a few of them is that this is been super valuable.
  • How I Landed a Junior Developer Role with No Experience - This article is from my friend Yusuf Chowdhury and runs through his experiences in landing his first software engineering role. Really great perspectives, and well worth a read for any aspiring developers!