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I have worked as an Engineering Manager in high-growth startups in the UK for a number of years and ultimately am responsible for maintaining wellbeing of the engineers that make up the critical teams that allow these companies to flourish. Often, the people that excel at their careers are those who are most self-aware.

In teams we hold “retrospectives” to reflect on what happened in the iteration and action improvements to help us build better software moving forward. Why can’t we do that for ourselves?

The Retrospective aims to put wellbeing and self-awareness at the forefront of technology. It encourages engineers, designers & product owners to reflect, and to find ways to become more mindful and focused about how they go about their careers and every day life.

Each week, I share a question to get the reader thinking and reflecting on the week gone by. I also curate a list of the most useful/joyous resources of my week and quotes that resonated with me.

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  • Engineers and Designers, starting out on their journey into tech.
  • Experienced individuals looking to become more aware of their mental wellbeing.
  • Leaders, managers and coaches who want to have impact on those they manage.
  • Fans of minimalism, technology and learning about the interception of both.