Tools I Use

Some might consider me a minimalist, both in the physical and digital sense. Despite working in the tech industry, gadgets do not excite me all of that much. I have a preference for Apple products because they are designed well, however I do not require the latest model.

Digitally, I have put a lot of time and focus into finding the right apps for me, both on my phone and my computer. I don’t spend much time on my phone or computer outside of working hours.


My daily machine is a MacBook Pro 16”. It is hooked up a 32” Samsung Ultrawide monitor.

Becky uses a MacBook Pro 15”, and her 2021 iPad Pro 12.9” for illustration.

I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3’s, which I love. I use these daily and double up equally well to keep noise out when in Zoom calls and to play some music when I am concentrating.

My phone is a iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The tool I use most of all is Craft. I was in the #Roamcult for a while, and then ended up moving to Obsidian, but I missed blocks and the focus on the daily note and moved to Logseq. But always in these tools I have found a bit of friction. I enjoyed building the complex systems rather than utilising them. I was always tinkering and improving my workflow, building add-ons. Craft gives me the bare minimum of what I need (bi-directional linking), and does the basics very well. It is less flexible, but for me that is a good thing.

Task management is done with Things. I use a very simple setup.

My favourite app is Raycast. It is a shortcut tool, but a fucking good one. It is extensible, and works with the majority of the apps I use. This is from their manifesto, and I love what the company stands for: “In a time when we download new software every day, it’s important for us to take a step back and define what stance we take. This is a list of our philosophies.”

I use Matter to keep track of articles I want to read.

Really everything else is pretty standard issue.