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Why I Built This Site

March 28, 2020

Whilst my old site was certainly nothing special, I am keen to share with those of you who had visted it and read my articles may be interested as to why I started again. So let me try and explain.

Reason One - I Want to Seperate my Writing

The biggest reason for doing this is that I am keen to move towards some more structured, well thought out writing on various topics: Engineering Management, Front-End development. However I still get satisfaction out of the shorter, less thought-out writing style - think mind dumps and more experimental thoughts.

My old blog had a mix of both and I think that comes across as confusing, so I want to seperate the style of writing out. This is going to be entirely a "digital garden" style blog which will complement a new blog that I am currently creating.

Reason Two - I Wanted to Update the Tech

My old site was build using Next.js and this new site is Gatsby based. I love both, however my previous build was much more labour intensive getting a blog post up, through no fault of Next.js, however these technologies were fairly new at the time I created it and in turn was getting a bit long in the tooth. I plan to visit this point again later on.

My old articles are still largely available on my DEV account so please feel free to visit there and read through them. From now moving forward, I will be starting afresh.. and it feels good!

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