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Attest is a consumer research platform that make it easy for companies to gather in-depth data through their platform. I joined Attest as an Engineering Manager, to take responsibility of Frontend Engineering. I worked directly under their Head of Engineering, and on a small team of Engineering Leaders.

During my time there, we made LinkedIn's 'UK's Hottest Startup' list twice, both times crediting the culture of the company.

My Role

Responsible for the Frontend Chapter, I managed engineers from across the whole organisation, from growth teams to platform teams.

I worked on several engineering/product wide initiatives, including introducing a career progression framework for engineering, revamping the technical hiring process as well as publicising an 'Engineering Handbook', which gave people an insight to the engineering culture at the company.

We ran several company wide technical initiatives, one of which was an accessibility hackathon, where everyone across the organisation spent a day learning about and fixing accessibility issues to ensure our application was as universally usable as possible.

Growing an engineering team?

I am open to advising/coaching for companies who are scaling their engineering teams. Drop me an email below and let's chat!

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