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Cultivate is a my own company, and the mission is to empower as many engineers to flourish in their careers as possible.

There are three areas of focus for Cultivate:

Cultivate Substack - This is a regular newsletter where I share actionable and sustainable career growth advice for engineers at all levels, whether you are just starting your journey in tech right through to those at Staff+ and Leadership levels.

Cultivate Coaching - I have been coaching and mentoring software engineers of all seniority levels for over four years, from those who are trying to find their first role in the industry, to C-suite level leaders. I offer affordable and flexible coaching for engineers looking to flourish in their careers.

Cultivate Advising - This is specifically for companies looking to work with an experienced engineering leader to help solve particular problems. Whether this is growing teams, introducing sustainable process' or technical strategies.


I set up Cultivate in 2022 to focus on helping engineers and engineering teams flourish.

As a career changer, I moved into tech completely self-taught at the age of 26. I grew fairly quickly through the seniority titles, and went on to land what I would have considered at the time my dream job, a spot on the engineering leadership team at the UK's most desirable and competitive startup Monzo.

What got me there was not my technical ability. But the fact I was fortunate enough to have picked up vital soft skills from my previous roles outside of tech, as well as having several good managers/mentors.

As time has progressed, much of the content focused on building a career and growing as an engineer is focused on the Staff+ levels. I believe that these lessons apply to everyone in tech, and shouldn't just be taught to those who are most senior.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a manager focusing purely on their growth at work. So I wanted to share what I had learned through my career, as well as share what I would talk about to direct reports in mentoring & coaching sessions with everyone who cares to read.