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Worked at MoonPay as their Group Engineering Manager for Web3


I joined MoonPay pre-series A to help scale their engineering team. They were looking to grow out a engineering leadership function, and introduce some process' to help mature the engineering team.

We raised a Series A funding round of $555 million, and attracted personal investments from numerous large celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Gwyneth Paltrow, amongst others.

Credit: The super talented Yan Paul, Senior 3D artist @MoonPay

My Role

I initially started by directly managing the engineers within the Research and Development team, as well as the Crypto team. The Research and Development team were responsible for a new product called 'NFT checkout' which introduced a new line of revenue to the company.

I played a part in several key engineering initiatives across the org - including introducing a career growth framework for engineers, introducing 'Team Health Checks' to dive deeper on teams strongest areas and weaker areas as well as several technical initiatives focusing on architecture and code health.

Through my time with MoonPay, I took on the responsibility of 'Group Engineering Manager' for the 'Web3 Group', which was a collection of numerous teams. This consisted of managing other engineering managers, as well as a web3 infrastructure team.

Growing an engineering team?

I am open to advising/coaching for companies who are scaling their engineering teams. Drop me an email below and let's chat!

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