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Sustainable and healthy career growth for ambitious software engineers.

Cultivate is a personal newsletter/community that I am building. The mission is to share actionable and sustainable career growth advice for engineers at all levels, whether you are just starting your journey in tech right through to those at Staff+ and Leadership levels.


As a career changer, I moved into tech completely self-taught at the age of 26. I grew fairly quickly through the seniority titles, and went on to land what I would have considered at the time my dream job, a spot on the engineering leadership team at the UK's most competitive startup Monzo.

What got me there was not my technical ability. But the fact I was fortunate enough to have picked up vital soft skills from my previous roles outside of tech, as well as having several good managers/mentors.

As time has progressed, much of the content focused on building a career and growing as an engineer is focused on the Staff+ levels. I believe that these lessons apply to everyone in tech, and shouldn't just be taught to those who are most senior.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a manager focusing purely on their growth at work. So I wanted to share what I had learned through my career, as well as share what I would talk about to direct reports in mentoring & coaching sessions with everyone who cares to read.

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If you want to up skill your career as a software engineer then look no further. I release regular content, and have ambitions to grow Cultivate into a community for likeminded engineers.

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Sustainable career growth for ambitious software engineers. Click to read Cultivate, by James Bedford, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.