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Embracing Sporadicity

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I know ‘habits’ are important.

I have read countless books on the benefits and importance of ritual and the methods and strategies of incorporating these routines into our daily lives.

Despite understanding the science behind habits, I have never been able to be consistent with forming something that sticks permanently. It used to cause me great frustration, but as time goes on I have embraced that maybe this is just me, and maybe I don’t need a collection of good habits in my life.

I have been unable to make things stick, because in the end I start to resent the activity. Maybe I don’t want to exercise every day for 20 minutes, or write for an hour each morning. Maybe I want to exercise when I feel like it, and write when I feel inspired to write. A few months ago I set myself the task of writing an article each week for two months in an attempt to form a new habit, and I was successful, but at the detriment of making me fall out of love with something that I used to enjoy. Habits made me force writing, and it has taken months for me to want to put pen to paper again. This is not a mistake I am going to repeat.

You have likely heard the saying “don’t monetise your hobbies”. Well what about “not habitualise your hobbies”. Why sap the enjoyment out of something that blesses you with enjoyment for the sake of being more optimal?

Of course, there is always place for habits in our life. Brushing our teeth, washing ourselves, or taking the bins out. But they are mundane errands, things that we need to do just to get by.

I am going to be more cautious and much more picky with what activities I include in my daily routine from now on. Because I want to continue enjoying the things that I enjoy.


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