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What I Do Currently

I work with UK startups as a software engineering leader, helping build inclusive and performant software teams. I also coach these companies software engineers in their personal and professional development and productivity.

Currently I work at Attest↗, which has been voted London's 5th best startup to work for↗. Before that I was on the engineering leadership team at Monzo↗, which was voted London's Most Desirable Startup to Work For↗ and have written Frontend code over the years for various clients, such as: The Office of National Statistics, AT&T, John Lewis and Hiscox.

I feel passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech companies, and I have dedicated a lot of my time as a leader focusing on creating hiring process' that allow inclusive hiring.

What is this Blog?

I have been writing articles for several years but never in one place so I started this site to build a resource of all my writing and activity.

I dropped out of school when I was 15 and worked as a van driver, factory worker, forklift driver and construction labourer until the age of 24. I taught myself to code and have worked my way up from the bottom and am keen to share lessons I have learnt along the way.

My belief is that there is much more to software engineering than just being technically capable, and there is a lack of approachable articles in one place on the interwebs for software engineers to learn about the soft & life skills that help you excel at development.

This blog will examine everything from morning routines, habits, health and wellness, meditation and how these things can have a positive impact on your work, as well as sharing my advice for people looking to either get into or progress in the industry. They are all things I think about regularly and have conversations with engineers about on a daily basis.

So if you’re looking for ways to work more effectively, be more competitive in your career field, start learning code well or become more productive in general, you’re definitely in the right place.

This blog will cover:

  • Career skills. Become more effective at work, allowing you to apply for your dream job or get the promotion you are chasing.
  • Productivity. Learn more in less time, study and work more efficiently, keep yourself and your work more organised.
  • Life in general. I explore morning routines, habits, mindfulness and minimalism and whether these can make you a stronger software engineer.
  • Technical. Tutorials and how-to guides about the tech that I am interested in. I'm still a software engineer at the end of the day!
  • Book Notes. I read daily. A variety of books from technical to self-help to business related. I extract the most useful points from each book I read and share my opinions of it.
  • Interviews. I speak to different people from the industry and get their perspectives on the above topics.

If you want to advertise your company/product on my website then please contact me. I am currently open to all speaking opportunities, written collaborations or podcast appearances send me an email for further information -

Thanks so much for getting this far. I truly hope you find value from this site, whether it is one article in particular or you find all of the writing an interesting read. I appreciate the support forever and always.

James ✌🏻