I'm James Bedford, an Engineering Manager working at Monzo.

My work focuses on building world class engineering culture, technical leadership and coaching engineers in their career and personal development. This is my main professional interest at the moment and I believe it is where I can bring most value to a company.

Before entering the world of technical leadership, I was a Front-End engineer and have worked on interface for various clients, including John Lewis, The ONS, Hiscox and AT&T. I am particularly interested in JAMstack technologies and accessibility.

Outside of my day job, I love reading (self-help books are my vibe) and am a bullet journaller and stationary nerd. Myself and my fiancee keep a small stud of Shetland Ponies and fantasize a fair amount about moving to Devon one day.



I am always open to discuss speaking and writing opportunities. If you want to get hold of me, the best place is probably one of the links above, feel free to shoot me a DM and I will get back to you.