Mar 13, 2021
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My name is James Bedford. I am going on thirty and live in the countryside of Berkshire, UK. I’m a husband, a dog dad, an introvert and a minimalist. I also love a black t-shirt.
I work as a software engineering leader, helping build inclusive and performant software teams.
Currently I work at Attest, before that I was on the engineering leadership team at Monzo, which was voted London’s Most Desirable Startup to Work For and have written Frontend code over the years for various clients, such as: The Office of National Statistics, AT&T, John Lewis and Hiscox.
When I am not working, I enjoy spending time outside walking and tending to our small herd of horses. I am a productivity nerd, I read a shit load of books and I keep a Zettelkasten. I enjoy contemplating my purpose in life, and also searching for mental clarity.

What is this Blog?

I have been writing articles for a couple of years and keeping a journal for several more.
This isn't just a place for me to write about my career or technical subjects, I like writing and sharing my thoughts on everything. This is my digital journal. Amongst these pages, you will find long essays, short musings, unfinished thoughts, book reviews - really anything goes!

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