About Me

Mar 13, 2021
My name is James Bedford. I am going on thirty and live in the countryside of Berkshire, UK.
I work with UK startups as a software engineering leader, helping build inclusive and performant software teams. I also coach these companies software engineers in their personal and professional development and productivity.
Currently I work at Attest, before that I was on the engineering leadership team at Monzo, which was voted London's Most Desirable Startup to Work For and have written Frontend code over the years for various clients, such as: The Office of National Statistics, AT&T, John Lewis and Hiscox.
When I am not working, I enjoy spending time outside walking and tending to our small collection of horses. I am a productivity nerd, a read a shit load of books and I keep a Zettelkasten.

What is this Blog?

I have been writing articles for several years but never in one place so I started this site to build a resource of all my writing and activity.
My belief is that there is much more to software engineering than just being technically capable, and there is a lack of approachable articles in one place on the interwebs for software engineers to learn about the soft & life skills that help you excel at development.
This blog (or as I refer to it - a 'digital garden') will examine everything from morning routines, habits, health and wellness, meditation and how these things can have a positive impact on your work, as well as sharing my advice for people looking to either get into or progress in the industry.

Advertisement & Contact

If you want to advertise your company/product on my website then please contact me. I am currently open to all speaking opportunities, written collaborations or podcast appearances send me an email for further information -  hey@jame.es
If I spoke for you and you are after a mugshot - here it is.
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Thanks so much for getting this far. I truly hope you find value from this site, whether it is one article in particular or you find all of the writing an interesting read. I appreciate the support forever and always. James ✌🏻

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